Safety and Prevention of Pain


Space Heater Safety

What you need to know before using space heaters to safely supplement or provide heat in your home.


All Terrain Vehicle Safety

All terrain vehicles (ATV's) can be lots of fun but they can also be deadly. Like any motorized vehicle, follow the rules of the road for complete safety while enjoying them. Avoid costly accidents, even death.


Bicycle Safety

Bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except the automobile.


Skiing Helmets

Today the most important part of your gear on the slopes -- as important as quick-release bindings -- is a helmet.


The Autonomic Nervous System

The nervous system comprises the brain and various types of nerves, which carry sensory impulses from all parts of the body to the brain and efferent nerves through which messages are conducted from the brain to the muscles and all of the organs of the body.


The Dangers Of Acetaminophen Overdose

Acetaminophen is the ingredient in Tylenol. It is used as a buffer in many pain medications. What all the advertisements and few doctors tell you is it can kill you.


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