What to Do Now That You

Can't Do What You Used to Do


The point of this is that we all have talents we may never have had time to explore before. Now we have time, more time than we ever thought we would have and usually far more time than we ever wanted to have.


Our lives have changed and there are many activities we used to do that we can no longer do. We can and should grieve over this loss. Then we have to pick up the pieces of what's left and find something else to do with what's left of our lives. We can't grieve forever.


We don't all have the capability to do that. We who can use a computer can contribute in the ways we choose.


We can choose to sit back and do nothing with our lives or we can find ways to continue to live. The choice is up to us.


National Institute of Disabilities Art Center

Located just 6 miles north of Berkeley in Richmond, California, NIAD serves up to 50 adults each day from diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.



Love what the stars are wearing? Why not make it for a fraction of the cost?


Knitting, Crocheting and More

Why let big hulking football players have all the fun? This is a craft that only takes a pair of needles (or one depending on the project) and a skein of yarn to have fun with. Read about the fastest crocheter in the world.



Scrapbooking doesn’t require a huge investment. You’ll need an album with sheet protectors, straight-edge scissors, adhesive, plain and patterned papers, a black pen or a computer and printer for journaling, and your photos.


Indoor Gardening

Supplies from seeds to books on indoor gardening.


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