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Medicaid was created to help low-income individuals and families with health care they could not otherwise afford.



Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 years of age and older and some people with disabilities under age 65.


Workers Compensation

Some states force employers to carry their own insurance while others force them to pay into a fund whereby the state manages the workers comp cases. There is much debate over which system is better.


Workers Compensation By State

The basis of the law from which each state makes its own rules, but within which some basics can not be changed.


Help and Support


Finding Good Doctors

Finding the right physician who is the right fit can require many interviews. Don't be afraid to just say no if the doctor you see isn't a good fit.


Americans With Disabilities Act

The purpose of the ADA is to prohibit discrimination due to disability in employment and in programs and services provided by state and local governments.


Free Air Transportation

Air Care Alliance is a nationwide group of 37 organizations providing free air transportation by volunteer pilots and charitable aviation groups.


Hobby Ideas

Now we have time, more time than we ever thought we would have and usually far more time than we ever wanted to have.


Prescription Savings

When the cost of a single pill can vary from $1 to $10, it's no longer just the elderly who are faced with the choice of eating or buying medications.


Pain Support Groups

Support groups are some of the most life- and spirit-saving resources known to people suffering from chronic pain and the Internet has become a virtual fountain of these.


Travel for the Disabled

We don't have to give up our dreams of sailing off into the sunset. Special agencies and government mandates have made travel accessible to us.


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