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Laughter Therapy

Comedian Offers New Invention for Laughter Research

Laughter researcher Steve Roye to offer limited royalty free license to qualified medical organizations and researchers involved in the study of laughter and its subsequent biological and physiological effects.

(PRWEB) October 31, 2003 -- A new patent pending invention initially designed to determine the "funny factor" in live comedy performances, movies and television programming may be also be the key to more accurately quantifying the physiological effects of laughter.

Author, comedian and independent laughter researcher Steve Roye believes his new invention can help to more firmly establish laughter as a quantifiable therapy to battle disease.

The patent pending methodology and device invented by Roye assists in the accurate measurement of accumulated laughter, not by its intensity directly, but by its actual duration as experienced by an audience during a comedy event.

"Studies have shown that laughter is a very powerful physiological event with significant positive biological ramifications. From my own research, I have found that laughter research and the establishment of its subsequent biological effects has been determined primarily by monitoring the length of exposure to a comedy source as opposed to measurement of the actual quantity of laughter generated by the comedy source” explains Roye. "The methodology and invention I have developed assists in the accurate measurement of the actual duration of laughter generated by a performance or comedy source, which can then be more accurately correlated with the numerous advantageous biological effects that laughter creates."

The invention and methodology, called Comedy Evaluator Pro, will allow laughter researchers to determine a quantifiable index based simply upon the measured accumulated amount of laughter as it relates to the total exposure time to a comedy show, presentation or videotape.

According to Roye, it may be possible to actually establish a "laugher dosage" which can be used to treat illness more effectively by using laughter as an effective adjunctive therapy. This new patent methodology not only includes Roye’s 20 years of experience as a medical professional, but also his knowledge as a stand-up comedian.

Roye is offering a limited, royalty free license to select medical organizations devoted to the pursuit of laughter as a viable medical therapy.

Steve Roye is a professional comedian, author of the Killer Stand-up Comedy System and an independent laughter researcher. He holds a Bachelors degree from George Washington University in Allied Health Sciences and a Masters degree in Health Services Management from Webster University.

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