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Fentanyl Duragesic Patches - DURAGESIC is strong medicine for serious pain. The DURAGESIC patch should only be used when other less potent medicines have not been effective and when pain needs to be controlled around the clock. Health-Com

Fentanyl is used in injection form in hospitals, via the intracathedral pump, and via the Duragesic patches. These patches are very thin, transparent, and adhere to the skin. They come in strengths of 25, 50, 75, 100 mg. They should be applied to clean dry skin and in a different place or alternating side each time. Wash your hands thoroughly after using them.

Fentanyl causes itching and rashes in some people. This can be alleviated by applying an antihistamine spray to the skin and letting it dry before applying the patch. Ask your doctor since prescription sprays work best and you shouldn't add an additional medication without his knowledge and approval. One of the nice aspects of the patch is you can put it on and forget about it for three days. It will stay on through showering, bathing, swimming and is amazingly hardy.

A new method of delivering Fentanyl is ACTIQ, a raspberry-flavored oral method which works in 15 minutes to deliver almost instant relief for severe (usually cancer) pain.

NEWS: Stolen Antiq Hits the Streets - Not a Thanksgiving Treat - Philadelphia, November 20 - ABC Action News reports Antiq is being sold on the streets as a lollipop with a kick. Technically called Perc-o-Pops and used for cancer pain, 18-year-olds and younger are familiar with the street distribution of this high-powered pain medication. The manufacturer’s label warns: "Actiq can be harmful, even fatal, to children and can cause injury or death to anyone who is not already using a prescription pain medication." Also highly addictive, Antiq looks like lollipops -- lollipops that can kill. The narcotics unit wants to make sure police on the street and parents know they're out there, being hijacked and sold on the street!