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Acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol) is a fever- and pain-reducing medication that is widely used to relieve simple headaches and muscle aches; the minor aches and pains associated with the common cold; backache; toothache; minor pain of arthritis; and menstrual cramps. It is sold over the counter under both its brand and generic name and by prescription mixed with other drugs such as hydrocodone.

Caution: Do not use Tylenol to relieve pain for more than 10 days, or to reduce fever for more than 3 days unless your doctor has specifically told you to do so.

Side Effects: Tylenol is relatively free of side effects. Rarely, an allergic reaction may occur. If you develop any allergic symptoms such as rash, hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing, stop taking Tylenol immediately and notify your doctor.

When taken in excess, acetaminophen can cause death. Please see The Dangers Of Acetaminophen Overdose.